Mike Steineke

Infiniband, Windows 2012 Hyper-V and Live Migration - initial tests


I have been working with Infiniband cards in a few different Hyper-V clusters.  I did some work with Hyper-V over SMB on Windows 2012 Beta, and it was very impressive.  While waiting for my production IB switches, I have been testing Live Migration on a Cluster-in-a-Box with 2 IB cards with basically a crossover cable between them.  The migration performance is ridiculously fast.  I have 50 1GB vm's, and I can migrate them from node to node in under 20 seconds.  The IB network interface hits about 30 Mb/sec.

I am going to test with different numbers and sizes of VM's and I will share the results!  I think the results  are going to be very interesting.

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